Starting Trading
Basic Trading Procedure
Securities Trading
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To start trading the investors shall follow some easy steps below.
  • Choose a securities firm
    • Investors shall choose a securities firm which is member of the CSX to be their own securities representative to intermediate the trading.
  • Open a trading account
    • Once chosen a securities firm, investors will open a trading account at that securities firm. However, in order to open the trading account, investors shall have an Investor ID issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC). In practice, securities firms are accountable for applying for the ID for their clients with or without charging additional fees to the 20,000 Riel levied by the SECC. When the account has been successfully opened, investors can place trading orders on the next working day.
      • * Please note that investors can open only one trading account at each securities firm they chose, and the account opening processes for local and foreign investors are the same.
  • Place orders
    • Investors instruct their securities firm to place orders on the CSX by stating at least the following main items:
      • 1. Issue name;
      • 2. Quantity;
      • 3. Price;
      • 4. Classification for bid or offer;
    • By instructing their securities firm, investors may use any of the following communication means:
      • 1. Written document;
      • 2. Voice;
      • 3. Email;
      • 4. Other electronic ways;
Market Operations
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