An index is a single descriptive statistic that summarizes the relative change in an underlying group of stocks. There are many types of indexes generated by the exchanges, for example, Composite Index (containing all issues in the market), Industry Index (concerning all issues in an industry or a sector of the economy), Special Purpose Index (consisting of issues for special purpose regardless of industry classification).

At the opening of the first securities trading, Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has only one index, composite index, named “CSX Index”.

The composite index exists because there’s the need for a single figure to describe whether prices in the market have risen or fallen over a particular period of time. It is thus a way of measuring how the stock market is moving or performing. It can also be used as a benchmark for measuring a portfolio performance or as an indicator to show the status of the national economy as a whole.
  • The Formula of CSX Index:
    • Calculation Methodology : Market Capitalization Weighted Index
      • Index value is weighted according to the size of the listed company.
    • Base Date : April 18, 2012
      • This date will be altered if the first trading opening date changes.
    • Base Value : 1,000 points